Our skilled craftsmen can repair most types of jewellery including rings, chains, bracelets, bangles, brooches, cufflinks, body jewellery and earrings.

When a piece of jewellery is brought into our shop we will discuss with the you the issue with the jewellery and determine whether the jewellery is repairable, once this is found out we will issue you with a docket ticket which will state what we will do to repair it and how much it will cost, we will also give you a date in which you can collect it, you must bring this ticket back with you when collecting your item.

Chains- we can solder chains where it has broken in order to make the link bond together. If any extensions to a chain are required we would be able to that and like-wise if any reductions to a chain are needed to make a chain smaller, this can be done, the remaining pieces of gold left over can either be returned to you or we can buy the remainder off you. Also if you have lost your clasp or the locking mechanism to your chain we can replace that also, our prices are competitive.

Earrings- there are several types of earrings including drops, sleepers, studs, clip on’s and creoles which have different fittings. In most instances it is the fitting that wears out or breaks. All can be repaired with ease as in most cases it is the stem at the back that becomes weak. Usually problems arise with the butterfly clasp or the screw on butterfly, these can be replaced at a small cost.

Hallmarking- all our goods are already hallmarked and are officially legal to sell in the uk. However some people may have gold that they bought from other countries and are not hallmarked, we can offer a hallmarking service for your jewellery that will boost the value of your gold.

Bangles- All types of bangles are repairable and the process of repairing bangles are similar to repairing rings, we can increase and decrease the size very easily

Rings- rings are the most popular items for sale in a jewellery shop, we experience a lot of repairs to do with rings. When sizing a ring for you we add more gold to the bottom of the ring and then extended it using specialist tools. We also do stone setting on a ring that you have and the stones have fallen out, we would put shiny new stones in which will bring a new lease of life to the ring, sometime the claws actually holding the stone into place can break so we are able to repair this issue also.

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